Guest Blog Post: The City of Surrey

September 08

Greening Royal Heights Park


The City of Surrey is committed to growing and maintaining our urban forest – which is vital to maintaining a healthy environment.


The natural area in Royal Heights Park is a mixed deciduous and coniferous forest, dominated by bigleaf maple, black cottonwood, and Douglas-fir trees, with an understory of native shrubs. The edges of the natural area have sections of invasive Himalayan blackberry. If left to grow unchecked, invasive plants outcompete native plants and reduce biodiversity.


We are grateful for the support of TD Tree Days volunteers as we work to restore and enhance the Park. To prepare for the big planting day, the City will remove the Himalayan blackberry. Then,, volunteers will complete restoration of the area by planting 690 native trees and shrubs that are suited to the conditions of the park. These trees and native plants will help to supress the regrowth of Himalayan blackberry; provide wildlife with habitat for nesting, shelter and food; clean the air and ground water; and add shade to our community.


The City of Surrey’s Urban Forestry and Environmental Programs (UFEP) Section will also work with the community to foster long-term stewardship and care of the planting site.


The City is excited be part of TD Tree Days again in 2014. We hope you will join us!



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