Guest Blog Post- Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority (LSRCA)

August 29

Guest Blog Post: Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority


How can you say no to a tree?


Trees are an important part of every community and provide value in a number of ways. In the Lake Simcoe watershed they help us address some of our biggest concerns. Trees provide oxygen, improve air quality and control the climate by moderating the effects of the sun, rain and wind. They diminish the quantity of harmful phosphorus entering our rivers, streams and lakes. They slow down stormwater, encouraging it to absorb into the ground where it is filtered naturally, and tree roots stabilize the soil to prevent erosion. In our neighbourhoods, they provide habitat for birds and butterflies, beautify our green spaces, and increase property values.


They do so much for us – give them some new company!


Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority (LSRCA) and our supporting partners are offering you, your family and friends the chance to participate in the growth of your very own forest.


Through programs like TD Tree Days, we encourage you to come out to one of our community tree planting events, which are a lot of fun. They provide an opportunity to get outside for some fresh air and exercise, get to know members of your community, and add some new value to your area. For students, our planting events contribute to your community volunteer hours. LSRCA community plantings take place in the Spring and Fall. More details can be found on our website: Be sure to also check out the other programs LSRCA offers that encourage new trees and forests to flourish in our communities. Visit or call us today: 1-800-465-0437.

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