Guest Blog Post: Earth Day Hamilton

August 29

Here in the Hamilton region, we refer to 2014 as the year of the tree.  The region suffered a terrible loss of our urban trees in the wind storm of July 2013, and then the ice storm of December 2013. Thanks to the generosity of supporters like TD Friends of the Environment Foundation, we are able to work together to plant trees to make up for this loss.


We are happy to see that a recent study by TD Economics put an actual dollar value on an urban tree of $700 each.   This is important to convey the importance of trees to those who are not inclined to think that nature has much value.  The list of what they do for our environment (or our pocketbooks) is long, but in the case of our TD Tree Days planting project they will anchor the soil, prevent erosion, provide shade to cool and protect us, provide habitat for migratory birds, and finally, one of the more overlooked benefits, gives all of us who sit under their canopy a sense of peace and well-being.  


We look forward to working with TD employees and their families.  Their enthusiasm and interest in helping the environment through the planting of hundreds of trees is inspirational.


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