TD Tree Days to plant its 300,000th tree this year

July 01

Trees offer so many great benefits to our environment, communities and well-being. They are essential to our ecosystems — helping mitigate the effects of climate change, providing habitat and food for wildlife, and improving our air quality and health overall – to name a few. Just one tree can reduce about 40 per cent of UV rays, intercept as much as 2,380 gallons of rainfall per year, and can provide a cooling effect equal to 10 room air conditioners! 1

Since TD Tree Days launched in 2010, we've planted over 285,000 native trees and shrubs with the help of amazing volunteers in hundreds of communities across Canada. Last year, over 9,000 volunteers participated in TD Tree Days in Canada, helping to plant over 54,000 trees and shrubs at 166 events.

This year, we're gearing up to plant our 300,000th tree. Over 80 local community organizations are involved, including conservation authorities, municipalities and Indigenous communities. To make this year even more special, we are also celebrating the #TDCommonGround Project, which TD launched in recognition of Canada's 150th year. TD invested in 150+ projects to help revitalize green spaces across the country to bring people together and create a legacy of greener communities for future generations to enjoy.

We're in search for volunteers to help make this special TD Tree Days one to remember. In addition to learning about tree planting, volunteers will get to meet new people in their communities, while enjoying the outdoors and helping the environment. Here's what some of our volunteers had to say about their experience:

"TD Tree Days gives me a chance to give back to the community and spend time with my family outdoors. It was my son's first TD Tree Days last year and he still talks about it and wants to go back to see the trees we planted!" – Helen Yee, British Columbia, TD Site Leader.

"TD Tree Days has been such a rewarding experience for me – I've been planting trees and shrubs near Bronte Creek for the last few years and learned that they help to reduce thermal impacts of the sun. It's great to know that my efforts are directly helping the salmon population."  - Akshay Batra, Ontario, Volunteer.

"In the many years that I have been a site leader, I realize why people come together for this occasion. They started by bringing their kids, and now their grandchildren. They are proud to show how the trees they planted have grown so big through the years. Other people just enjoy planting to build a better environment. As for me, I love seeing all these people come together for a worthy cause. All of our hard work will help keep our planet healthy."Antonina Di Giorgio, Quebec, TD Site Leader.

"I love volunteering with TD Tree Days because I love giving back to my community. A single planting might seem like an insignificant task, but in reality it has such a paramount and positive effect on the world in which we live." – Daniel Skanes, Newfoundland, Volunteer.

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