Guest Blog Post- Ganaraska Region Conservation Authority

September 03

Ganaraska Region Conservation Authority (GRCA) is dedicated to the conservation, restoration, development and management of natural resources on a watershed basis, while providing enjoyment for the public. We work together with the community to ensure healthy land and clean water within the Ganaraska region.

TD Tree Days gives the GRCA the opportunity to restore an area that provides benefits to the natural environment, as well as community residents. This year we will work with volunteers to restore a stream bank along a major creek in Cobourg. The stream bank is currently being mowed and has only a small buffer of riparian vegetation separating the mowed grass landscape and the creek.

Trees and vegetation along stream corridors are vital to the health of aquatic ecosystems, particularly in urban environments. The new vegetation along the stream will help stabilize its banks, reduce the rate of erosion, cool stream water, provide habitat for both aquatic and terrestrial species and significantly reduce runoff from the urban environment into the aquatic system.


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