Lions Park

September 23, 2017, 9:00AM - 12:00PM

Lions Park

Hickman St, Hill ST, Amherst, NS B4H 1X6, CA

Tree 50 trees/shrubs planted

Site Leader

Karla Gilliss
Laurie Kralemann


TD Employee Spots Available: 3 / 10
Community Spots Available: 13 / 25


Tree Canada

Nearby Events

E.B. Chandler Junior High School

TD Employee Spots Available: 6 / 10
Community Spots Available: 5 / 25

Things to know before your Tree Days event

August 29

Td tree days   ermineskin 0264 1 We'd love to share some important information with our volunteers to help them prepare for the planting. If you haven't registered yet, sign-up here: Getting ready for your Tree Days event: Our events...

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TD Tree Days in Amherst!

September 22, Lions Park

Thank you for registering for this event! Please note the event will take place rain or sunshine. We recommend that you arrive a few minutes earlier than the specified time in order to complete registration and receive your TD Tree Days t-shirt....

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19 participants

30 Trees
(Sugar maple, Red maple, Autumn blaze maple, Red oak, Birch)
20 Shrubs
(Rose virginia)
Tree half

Tree = 10 Trees Shrub = 10 Shrubs