Lawrence Orton

September 23, 2017, 9:00AM - 12:00PM

Lawrence Orton

3947 Lawrence Ave. East, Toronto, ON M1G1S1, CA

Tree 63 trees/shrubs planted

Site Leader

Anusha De Fry
Vishal Thakkar


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Community Spots Available: -39 / 10

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Things to know before your Tree Days event

August 29

Td tree days   ermineskin 0264 1 We'd love to share some important information with our volunteers to help them prepare for the planting. If you haven't registered yet, sign-up here: Getting ready for your Tree Days event: Our events...

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September 22, Lawrence Orton

Happy 1st day of Fall! Exciting to see all the beautiful color changes soon but we have some newbie-trees to plant in tomorrow to continue the colorful celebration of fall for our future generation! Heard the weather's going to be fantastic this...

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September 21, Lawrence Orton

Heyya! Hope everyone's ready for this Saturday morning to do some planting and socialize, while educating ourselves the awesome important ways to 'Green Where We Live' If you are by any chance unable to attend this planting event, please don’t...

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It's getting closer! Let's start thinking about making our planet a little bit more greener!

September 15, Lawrence Orton

Screen shot 2017 09 14 at 10.08.26 pm copy Thank you for registering for this event! Please note the event will take place rain or sunshine. We recommend that you arrive a few minutes earlier than the specified time in order to complete registration and receive your TD Tree Days t-shirt....

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19 participants

18 Trees
(Downey Serviceberry, Ironwood, Syline Honeylocust , Tulip tree, Kentucky Coffee Tree, Eastern Red Bud, Japanese Katsura)
45 Shrubs
(Red Osier Dogwood)
Tree half
Shrub half

Tree = 10 Trees Shrub = 10 Shrubs