About TD Tree Days

Little girl climbing on a pile of planting soil while volunteers plant trees

Over 491,000 trees planted and counting!

As TD’s flagship volunteer and urban greening program, TD Tree Days provides TD employees, their families and friends, and the community an opportunity to get involved and help build healthy, vibrant communities by caring for their local environment.

Through our work with the Arbor Day Foundation, we're able to connect with local organizations from Maine to Florida and beyond that help support TD Tree Days events with technical expertise, ultimately ensuring that the right tree is always planted in the right place. 

TD Tree Days is contributing to the TD Ready Commitment goal of planting one million trees by 2030. Since the program launched in Canada in 2010, over 491,000 native trees and shrubs have been planted with the help of volunteers across Canada and in the U.S.

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The Ecological Value of Urban Canopies and Forests

Healthy forests and urban canopies play important roles in maintaining a vibrant planet. By participating in TD Tree Days, volunteers actively support environmental stewardship, while making a tangible contribution to the well-being of their community and environment.

Young man kneeling down to plant a tree in a forested area.

In addition to their important economic, cultural and recreational value, the ecological value of forests is vital in urban, suburban and rural settings. Trees provide critical ecosystem services and urban canopies provide a broad array of well-known environmental, economic and social benefits, including1,2:

  • Creating oxygen2
  • Tempering the effects of global warming2

  • Reducing the heat island effect2

  • Sequestering gaseous air pollutants and particulates2

  • Conserving energy through cooling, wind reduction1 and shade2

  • Reducing levels of storm water runoff1

  • Improving water quality1

  • Providing vital wildlife habitat2

  • Increasing property value1

  • Improving psychological well-being2

  • Reducing crime1

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About the TD Ready Commitment

Change is a fact of life. It can renew our perspective of the world or how we act within it. While change helps some of us get ahead, it can leave others behind. 

To help create conditions for people to have a chance to succeed in a changing world, TD launched the TD Ready Commitment in 2018 to help open doors for a more sustainable and inclusive tomorrow.

As part of the TD Ready Commitment, TD is targeting a goal of CDN $1 billion by 2030 towards community in four areas critical to helping build an inclusive future: Financial Security, Vibrant Planet, Connected Communities and Better Health. TD has also aligned this work with the UN Sustainable Development Goals for 2030.

Learn more at td.com/us/en/about-us/communities/ready-commitment.


In the U.S., TD works with the Arbor Day Foundation to help us achieve our community tree planting goals.

About the Arbor Day Foundation

Founded in 1972, the Arbor Day Foundation is the world's largest membership nonprofit organization dedicated to planting trees. With a focus in communities and forests of greatest need, the Foundation  alongside its more than 1 million members, supporters and valued partners  has helped to plant nearly 500 million trees in more than 50 countries. Guided by its mission to inspire people to plant, nurture and celebrate trees, the Arbor Day Foundation is committed to unlocking the power of trees to help solve crticial issues facing people and the planet. Learn more about the impact of the Arbor Day Foundation at arborday.org.