Beausoleil First Nation - Christian Island

September 23, 2017, 9:00AM - 12:00PM

Beausoleil First Nation - Christian Island

11 Ogemaa Miikan, Beausoleil First Nation, ON L9M 0A9, CA

300 trees/shrubs planted


TD Employee Spots Available: 6 / 15
Community Spots Available: 7 / 20


Beausoleil First Nation

TD Tree Days 2022

July 11

Since 2010, TD Friends of the Environment Foundation has been a proud supporter of the work being done by municipalities, not-for-profit groups, charitable organizations, and Indigenous groups to revitalize green spaces in communities across...

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TD Tree Days, Fall in Love with Nature

September 23

For a second year, TD Tree Days looks a little different due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. This annual initiative, which normally consists of tree planting events across Canada and in the U.S. has evolved to keep the well-being of volunteers,...

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Fall in love with nature

September 28

Until we can celebrate TD Tree Days together in-person again, we encourage you to explore the outdoors with imagination and care. Try the introduction to forest therapy to connect with nature in new ways and explore the Fall in love with nature...

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Together, we were able to plant over 40,000 native trees and shrubs during TD Tree Days 2019!

December 16

TD Tree Days events wrapped up at the end of October and we are so proud of what we were able to accomplish together! In Canada, we held 140 events in 10 provinces and 1 territory, with our first ever event in Yellowknife.Over 9,000 volunteers of...

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Over 96,000 trees and growing: join TD Tree Days and contribute to TD's goal of planting 1 million trees by 2030

July 17

From extreme weather events such as intense flooding and wildfires to drastic swings in temperature, our climate is becoming more turbulent and harder to predict.[1] The financial and social effects of these events are also being felt as people...

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2019 TD Tree Days

May 27

Preparations are underway for our 2019 TD Tree Days! Please check back this summer for a full list of the 2019 events.

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Things to know before your Tree Days event

August 29

We'd love to share some important information with our volunteers to help them prepare for the planting. If you haven't registered yet, sign-up here: Getting ready for your Tree Days event: Our events...

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Update - Monday September 18th

September 18, Beausoleil First Nation - Christian Island

Hello all! We are less than a week away! We have to take a ferry to Christian Island for this event. The ferry leaves Cedar Point at 8am. For those of you who would like to carpool or are unsure of how to get to the ferry, we will be meeting at...

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19 participants

58 Trees
(Sugar Maple, Sugar Maple, Black Cherry, Black Cherry, Black Cherry, Black Cherry , Red Maple)
300 Shrubs
(Red Cedar)


15 participants

300 Trees


16 participants

400 Shrubs
(Red Cedar, red cedar)


21 participants

60 Trees
(White Spruce, White Birch, White Oak, American Beech)
300 Shrubs
(White Cedar)


22 participants

44 Trees
(Red Maple, red maple, red maple, red maple, red maple, sugar maple, Silver Maple, Silver Maple, Freemanii Maple, American Plum)
300 Shrubs
(White Cedar)

= 10 Trees = 10 Shrubs