Merritt Island

23 septembre, 2017, 10:00AM - 1:00PM

Merritt Island

Merritt Island, Welland, ON L3B 3E9, CA

Tree 55 arbres plantés

Responsable de site

Kristine Atamanyk
Harpreet Johal


Places pour les employés de la TD : 5 / 15
Places pour le public : 10 / 20

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01 mai

Dwp %2861%29 Every fall thousands of volunteers come together to further enhance green spaces at over 150 events across North America. We're excited and looking forward to this year's TD Tree Days and hope you'll join us! Events will be posted all throughout...

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Things to know before your Tree Days event

14 septembre

Td tree days   ermineskin 0264 1 We'd love to share some important information with our volunteers to help them prepare for the planting. If you haven't registered yet, sign-up here: Getting ready for your Tree Days event: Our events...

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16 participants

24 Arbres
(Quercus macrocarpa, Ulmus "Homestead", Salix Alba Tristis, Lirodendron tulipifera, Ginkgo Biloba, Sugar maple, Betula Nigra - Clump, Autumn Blaze)
Tree half

Tree = 10 Arbres Shrub = 10 Arbustes