About TD Tree Days

Over 466,000 trees planted and counting!

As the TD flagship volunteer and urban greening program, TD Tree Days provides TD employees, their families and friends, and community, the opportunity to volunteer and help build healthy, vibrant communities by caring for their local environment.

We work with dozens of organizations, including municipalities, conservation authorities and Indigenous communities, which provide technical expertise to help ensure that the right tree is properly planted in the right place.

TD Tree Days program target is to plant 1 million trees by 2030. Since the program launched in 2010, over 466,000 native trees and shrubs have been planted with the help of volunteers across the country. 

The Ecological Value of Forests

Healthy forests and urban canopies play important roles in maintaining a healthy planet. By taking part in TD Tree Days, volunteers actively support forest stewardship, while making a tangible contribution to the well-being of their community and environment.

In addition to their important economic, cultural and recreational value, the ecological value of forests is vital. Forests provide critical ecosystem services, including 1:

  • Capturing solar energy and create oxygen
  • Moderating local and regional climates
  • Storing water and affect water table
  • Developing and condition soils
  • Storing and recycling nutrients
  • Providing essentials of life to birds, fish and other wildlife
  • Adding to the planet’s biodiversity
  • Tempering the effects of global warming
  • Acting as carbon reservoirs

Similarly, urban canopies provide a broad array of well-known environmental, economic, and social benefits, including  2:

  • Sequestering of gaseous air pollutants and particulates.
  • Energy conservation through cooling, shade, and wind reduction
  • Storm-water attenuation
  • Noise buffering
  • Provision of wildlife habitat
  • Increased property value
  • Improved aesthetics and psychological well being

 1 – Natural-Capital, Nature Conservancy Canada, 2017, p 10
 2 – The Benefits of Trees, Tree Canada, July 2022

About the TD Ready Commitment

Change is a fact of life. It can renew our perspective of the world or how we act within it. While change helps some of us get ahead, it can leave others behind.

To help create conditions for people to have a chance to succeed in a changing world, TD launched the TD Ready Commitment in 2018 to help open doors for a more sustainable and inclusive tomorrow.

As part of the TD Ready Commitment, TD is targeting a total of CDN $1 billion by 2030 towards community giving in four areas critical to helping build an inclusive future – follow these links to find out more about the TD Ready Commitment drivers: Financial SecurityVibrant PlanetConnected Communities and Better Health. TD has also aligned this work with the UN Sustainable Development Goals for 2030.

Learn more: td.com/tdreadycommitment 

About TD Friends of the Environment Foundation

From schoolyard naturalization and wildlife rehabilitation to tree plantings and environmental education, TD Friends of the Environment Foundation (TD FEF) is proud to provide funding to help sustain an incredible array of grassroots environmental programs across the country. Since 1990, TD FEF has supported over 28,500 projects with over $105 million in funding.

Funding recommendations are made by one of six Regional Advisory Boards across the country, ensuring that decision-making is local, relevant and impactful.

And, because TD covers the management and administrative costs of running TD FEF, 100% of every dollar donated to the Foundation supports local environmental projects in the communities in which the donation was made.

Click here to learn more about TD Friends of the Environment Foundation.